COIVU SCALP TREATMENT OIL is our organic Nettle-Peat Hair and Scalp Treatment Oil. It isformulated with a rich complex of essential and botanical oils to nourish and rejuvenate dry, itchyscalp. Nettle and rosemary stimulate surface circulation to strengthen hair from the root up, whilecalming, antimicrobial organic herb and peat extracts help to restore the scalp's natural balance.Ingredients meets European natural cosmetic standards. Cruelty free. No Artificial colors andscents,silicates or parabens.

USE: Apply four sprays evenly on scalp. Massage oil into scalp and let itwork for 30 minutes or more. Comb through, then wash. Use twice a week and then less frequentlyas scalp health improves. Before the use allergy test on a small area on skin. Only for external use.


29.90 €