Cuusi TrayCleaner

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•One of the only items passengers must still touch at the airport is a tray. •Based on Finnish - Irish research; •50% of airport trays contain pathogens that cause infectious diseases. 100% of influenza A viruses detected at airports was found on the surface of the tray.

Cuusi TrayCleaner

Solution today

•There are plenty of different ways how airports are trying to solve this problem. While investigating, we saw everything from industrial kitchen washing machines to grandmoms with a cleaning cloth and zero interest. •For us, it did seem like a huge problem, without any effective industrial solution. 

So we did create one

•Automated virus killing machine, "Cuusi 3000". •Together with our unique and 100% natural spruce based multi-virus killing cleaning liquid, "Cuusi mega kill". •We can handle the tray in 15 sec and guarantee protection surface lasting seven days. •We have a secret method to manufacture unique cleaning liquid and patent-pending for an automated process to handle trays. •The opportunity size is approx 43 000 airports; our targeted market is 10 000 fully consumer airports. Therefore, we focus our actions on the most relevant 1000 ones in the beginning. •Cuusi Oy has been developing a 100% natural spruce resin acid-based disinfectant destroys all-knowing viruses and bacterias, including Covid-19 and its mutagens. It also creates a durable protection layer on surfaces lasting up to 7 days . Cuusi Oy is currently developing a device that automatically sprays the protective layer into the trays. By using this solution, the airport can increase passengers safety quickly and cost-effectively.