The incredible natural power of Finnish birch and spruce has now been harnessed.

Natural and safe Coivu and Cuusi products are made from pure Finnish Birch and Spruce, which have proven to be real miracle substances in many different tests, e.g. in terms of skin care and the environment.

Coivu products for Ukraine.

Coivu Finland Oy delivers the first batch of assistance to Ukraine for the treatment of burns, inflaming wounds and other skin symptoms.


Cuusi Reborn

Cuusi Reborn hand sanitizer microbial extract is a solution to restore a lost natural connection. In the past people more closely worked the soil allowing good microbes to stimulate skin receptors which builds resistance to bad microbes. Today most of us have less contact and over the decades our resistance has been diminished.

The microbiomes of Cuusi Reborn are deactivated and completely harmless, but they reignite these receptors and thus develop resistance to various diseases.

Cuusi Reborn Microbial extract stimulates immunoregulatory pathways in humans and animals to control inflammatory reactions associated with immune-mediated diseases such as allergies, asthma, and autoimmune diseases.

Such stimulation reduces the user's risk of contracting these immune-mediated diseases.